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How to Put Photos on a DVD in Ten Easy Steps

By Lynn Quario

Putting your photos on a dvd requires two software programs. You will need one for organizing your photos and one for burning them on to a dvd. In this article we will be covering Windows Movie Maker since it is a free program that comes with Windows XP users. You can also get it free through Microsoft if, you don't already have it installed. Your computer must also have a dvd burner and software for the burning process. Since many new computers come with Nerovision Express 3.0 software we will be using this program in the following steps.

Let's give it a try shall we...

Step 1. Bring your Windows Movie maker software program up on your computer screen.

Step 2. Look for the task tab, under the capture video category, click on import pictures.

Step 3. Drag and drop your photos in the storyboard arranging them any way you like.

Step 4. Under the edit movie category you can add video effects and transitions. Drag and drop them also in the storyboard. Try all of the them to see which ones you like the best.

Step 5. To add one of your favorite songs change the storyboard view to the timeline view. Under the capture video category, click on import audio or music. Drag your music into the timeline, under your photo scenes, where it says audio/music.

Step 6. When you are satisfied with your preview choose, save to my computer located under the finish movie category. Your video will be saved with a wmv extension.

Step 7. Bring up your Nerovision Express software program and click on make DVD - DVD Video. Under the content screen, click on add video files. Locate the video you just created in Windows Movie Maker. (Remember it will have a wmv extension.) You can add more than one video here. When you see that your video and or videos have been added click on the next button.

Step 8. In the select menu screen click on edit menu. This is where you can choose from a wide range of layouts, background pictures, etc. Play around with the different options you have. When you get the menu just the way you want it click on the next button. (Click on save as template for saving your menu.)

Step 9. Now preview your video by clicking the play button on the remote control. If you are satisfied with the results click next.

Step 10. From the burn options screen, click on burn to located in the parameters for burning box. Locate your dvd drive. Click on the burn button when you are ready. This process takes a while so you have to be patient. Try not to do anything else on the computer while the burning process is in effect.

Note: If you find that the software won't let you burn, you may need to purchase an additional plugin. If that is the case, you should see a pop up window with instructions on how to get it. Note:You will not be able to burn without it.

That is really all there is to it! Now wasn't that easy?

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Lynn Quario is a groovy grandmother who loves to create family home videos.
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